Our Results

An integrated health centre reduces the burden of mental and neurological disorders

Background: An Australian University had a unique opportunity to realise its vision of establishing an integrated centre designed to reduce the burden of mental health. The centre would have a tri-functional approach, with dedicated research, education and clinical services. CIS was engaged to assist the University to prepare a business case.

Approach: The ambitious project had already engaged a significant number of stakeholders. This collaborative approach was maintained whilst developing the business case, involving researchers, clinicians, administrators, and partnering organisations. A series of workshops and meetings were conducted, and draft documents were provided for review and feedback. The final business case was presented to relevant entities.

Results: The university received a generous donation enabling it to progress the establishment of a clinical, research and teaching facility focusing on mental health and neurological diseases. The facility will be located in a hot spot for youth suicide and where there is a very large cohort of ageing people who have their own mental health challenges.

Key Words: grant applications and capital sourcing