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A world-first auto cattle muster for the global market

Background: Precision Pastoral Pty Ltd was established to commercialise research from the Desert Knowledge CRC’s 21st Century Pastoralism Project. It was seeking funds to advance the commercialisation of a Remote Livestock Management System that had demonstrated significant cost-saving benefits for cattle producers. CIS had previously worked with the CRC and was engaged by Precision Pastoral to assist with the development of a Commercialisation Australia (now known as Accelerating Commercialisation) grant application.

Approach: Working collaboratively with the executive team, CIS developed a compelling business case and full financials as per the grant requirements. Previous market research, delivered by CIS for an earlier engagement, was drawn upon. CIS worked with the executive to ensure a compelling and compliant application was submitted.

Results:  The Commercialisation Australia grant was successful and Precision Pastoral was awarded $350,000 to take its technology to the international market place.

Key Words: grant applications and capital sourcing   research and commercialisation services