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Demonstrating the value of health services innovation in Tasmania

Background: In its third and final year of a government funded contract, the Directors of this Health Services Innovation organisation engaged CIS to facilitate the development of a Strategic Business Plan that would establish a foundation and basis for long-term sustainability as a key adviser, educator and evaluator of health service innovation across the State, nationally and beyond. The desired plan would drive and support sustained change in the State’s health system whilst creating a long-term vehicle that connects the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the key University partner with the State Government.

Approach: Working closely within the Directors, CIS undertook an extensive program of data gathering and consultative interviews with around 40 key stakeholders from across the State’s health system. Drawing upon this input, CIS was able to identify and validate areas of key service delivery strength and demand and translate these into future revenue streams of high value to the State’s health system and other health jurisdictions throughout Australia, and in some cases, overseas.

Results: The Strategic Business Plan galvanised strong support for the continued operation of the service provider, as the quantum of evidence reinforcing the positive impact on hospital and health service KPIs continues to expand.

Key Words: strategic and business planning   change management and implementation