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A multi-billion dollar industry takes a new strategic direction to defend against increasing imports

Background: As the strengthened dollar and a handful of catastrophic weather events paved the way for an increasing number of overseas agricultural products to reach Australian shores, one major sector’s peak industry body asked CIS for help in renewing its industry strategy to guide the investment decisions for millions in annual levy funding.

Approach: CIS conducted extensive consultation with a wide range of industry stakeholders, including farmers, wholesalers, retailers, researchers, and industry regulatory bodies. Over 300 participants were engaged through workshops held across the country in an effort to understand the needs of the industry’s six thousand members. In addition, a comprehensive literature review was undertaken and an economic impact assessment guided the new course laid-out by the industry’s new plan.

Results: Backed by thorough analytics and the support of the industry’s key leaders, the new strategic investment plan and accompanying implementation plan laid the groundwork for the industry to make a radical shift in strategic decision making; placing new emphasis on customer-driven R&D initiatives to build capabilities needed to secure domestic markets from imported products while expanding further into export markets.

Key Words: strategic & business planning   change management and implementation