Our Results

Alignment of research roles and responsibilities towards a refreshed research institute strategy

Background: CIS was engaged by the Executive Director of this globally recognised marine and Antarctic research Institute to undertake a review of academic roles and responsibilities as the Institute embarked on structural change and the pursuit of a thematic approach to research.

Approach: Working with the Executive Director and in a highly consultative manner with key Institute stakeholders, CIS interviewed all existing academic personnel directly linked to the scope of the review (18 active researchers and research leaders) and progressively developed both revised and new position descriptions. These were prepared in a standard and cascading format, helping to ensure: clarity of roles and responsibilities; alignment with the key strategic research themes; and consistency with broader University Academic governance requirements.

Results: The proposed structure was brought to life by the new and modified Position Descriptions which helped: the creation and integration of a new geographic node; the shift from two to three Centres and the associated creation of new cross-disciplinary thematic research leadership roles; and the incorporation of new University aligned Associate Director roles (around Research, Teaching and Learning and International).

Key Words: organisational redesign   strategic and business planning   change management and implementation