Strategic & Business Planning

CIS works with Clients to achieve this, taking into consideration the external environment and internal constraints. Outcomes may include development of a strategic and/or business plan, summary documents, financial modelling, and an implementation plan detailing key decisions, actions, and owners to drive these actions.

Our Services

We provide the following strategic and business planning services.

Strategic Planning Day Workshops and Development

The key components of strategic planning include an understanding of an organisation’s vision, mission, values and strategies. We provide assistance with:

  • Strategic analysis to assess competencies, review current strategies and undertake SWOT, Porter’s five forces and PESTEL analysis
  • Strategic direction setting to define an organisation’s broad direction for the next 3-5 years. This usually includes facilitation of off-site senior management workshops
  • Strategic plan development to formalise an organisation’s strategic vision incorporating operational plans and controls, KPIs and balanced scorecards
Business Plan Development

A business plan is a blueprint of on business’ future. It describes the objectives, structure, strategies, product and service offerings, target market and financial forecasts of the business for external users such as investors and customers and/or internal users. We provide assistance with:

  • Business conceptualisation to define business goals, objectives, structure, product and service offerings and operation
  • Financial modelling to develop the financial objectives, capital structure, financial performance, position and cash flow forecasts as well as break-even analysis
  • Business plan development to formalise the organisation’s strategies including its operational plan, marketing plan, financial models and budgets as well as outcomes of industry, competitor, SWOT and product range analyses
Financial Model Development

Implementation is the realisation of an application, or execution of a plan, idea or model design. We provide assistance in the implementation of projects to ensure that all our client projects achieves the goals originally set and is accepted and used by the clients for whom the project is intended for.

This may include:

  • Financial forecasts including profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet, sales and collections forecasts, purchases and payment forecasts and loan repayment forecasts
  • Financial analysis including sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis, cost benefit analysis, net present value assessments and return on investment analysis
  • Financial modelling including financial model templates, dynamic financial models and industry specific and customise financial models


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