CIS Touchstone

Ongoing monitoring of performance levels, combined with benchmark comparisons, will enable universities
to monitor relative importance over time, and gauge staff changes in perceptions of service

The purpose of the Performance & Benchmarking Monitor is

Assess performance and identify strengths and weaknesses of support services within individual universities
Benchmark the performance of support services across universities
Identify where universities can more effectively and efficiently deploy their resources to ensure the successful management of support services to its key stakeholders
Establish baseline data to the track and monitor the performance of their support services over time

The longitudinal surveys
will collect performance measures on 9 first level categories of support services and
second level categories.The longitudinal surveys will focus on the
following first level categories:

w Governance
w Planning/Strategic Management
w Finance
w Human Resources
w Properties

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w Student Administration
w Research Services
w Marketing
w Information and Communication