Organisational Redesign

With the ever changing economic climate businesses need to continuously improve to stay relevant in both their industry and target market. Economic fluctuation, uncertainty and changing business needs may lead an organisation to consider organisational redesign and restructuring to:

  • Introduce new work methods and meet best practices such as a new way of deliver services to clients or adjusting internal processes and procedures to take advantage of technology advancements
  • Improve performance in areas such the quality of products and services, and efficiency and productivity levels to better support the achievement of organisational goals and strategies
  • Refocus core capability and maintain a competitive edge by removing non value-added activities that are detrimental to the organisation’s future.
  • Downsize cut costs, reduce redundancies and remove the duplication of work within the organisation We use a variety of tools to deliver the above objectives, including effort logging, consultation and workshops, surveys, and process mapping.
Our Services

We provide the following organisational re-design services.

Organisational Reviews

Organisational reviews provide an assessment of how an organisation or a sub-unit is performing against internally set performance criteria and/or external parties. We assist with:

  • Performance assessments to assess organisational performance against internally set performance criteria, identifying opportunities for improvement and areas of achievement
  • Benchmarking to assess organisational performance against the performances or organisations within the same industry or against best practice, including the CIS Touchstone Performance and Benchmarking Monitor for the Higher Education Sector.
  • Focus groups with senior management, managers and employees to support an organisation’s self-assessment process, identify internal strength and weaknesses, and understand perceptions of performance between differ¬ent levels of the organisation
Organisational Design and Restructure

An appropriate organisational design drives efficiency and effectiveness and assists the organisation to meet its objectives. We assist with:

  • Organisational design to provide a customised organisation structure based on best practice in order to supportorganisational strategies and goals today and into the future
  • Team level design to provide detailed team configurations with clearly articulated roles and responsibilities, and allocated resources
  • Stakeholder consultation to develop and test ideas, establish buy-in and ownership, to facilitate communicationand alleviate any change related fears

Implementation is the realisation of an application, or execution of a plan, idea or model design. We assist with:

  • Documenting actions, time frames and owners and setting up improvement teams
  • Developing staff position descriptions and measurement systems to reflect progress
  • Providing formal reporting processes, stakeholder consultation and communication
  • Providing high level strategic advice and support to the project leader and team during implementation


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