Grant Applications & Capital Sourcing

CIS has a success rate of over 80% with grant applications and has assisted clients raise $584 million from granting bodies. Most common grants include Co-operative Research Centres (CRC), Australian Research Council (ARC) programs, Commercialisation Australia and a variety of infrastructure grants.

We have invested heavily in specialist intellectual property such as templates and tools to capture and produce information in accordance with the application requirements to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of the grant application process.

Our Services

We provide the following grant application support services:

Application Management and Participant Engagement

Grant applications require the collation and integration of information, thoughts and ideas of all the parties and partners involved and may take as long as one year to develop. Our services include:

  • Strategic advice to assist bid positioning and compliance, interpret application guidelines selection criteria, review draft applications and assist in interview preparations
  • Project management to assist project plan development, guide timeframes, identify key activities and oversee partner and participant activities
  • Participant engagement to assist in negotiating contributions and returns, liaise with partners, guide expectations and develop business cases
Application Reviews and Feedback

An outsider’s perspective on a grant application can provide guidance on how to structure the application, identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to improve the competitiveness of the application and provide feedback on how the application is assessed for funding. Our services include:

  • Reviewing the application against selection criteria and guidelines to ensure it is compliant and competitive
  • One on one feedback sessions to train staff and build grant writing capability within the organisation. Sessions include a review of the application, identification of strengths and weaknesses and a feedback session to discuss areas for improvement
  • Identifying application strengths and weaknesses within an organisation and providing feedback on how to structure the application to ensure competitiveness
Budgets, Financial and Impact Modelling

Competitive applications have well developed quantitative and financial components that directly address the selection criterion. We assist with:

  • Budgeting and guidelines to ensure it is compliant and competitive
  • Financial Modelling to support cost benefit analysis, sensitivity analysis, scenario analysis and detailed project and program budgeting
  • Impact Modelling to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the potential benefits achieved from the funding support provided


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