Change Management & Implementation

At CIS we consider a solution that is 80% effective and implementable more important than one that is
100% correct but difficult to implement.

Elements of our change management and implementation strategy include:

  • A high degree of staff input and awareness, especially by those who will be responsible for implementation;
  • A long-term plan to ensure that what starts with a bang does not end in a fizzle;
  • Aligning champions to initiatives; and
  • Assisting with the development of new or modified operation plans.
Our Services

Our change management and implementation services are detailed below:

Project Management

Project management is the planning, organising, motivating and controlling of resources to achieve specific project goals. We assist with:

  • Project conceptualisation to determine preliminary goals and alternatives as well as possible means to accomplish those goals
  • Project planning to establish a formal set of plans to accomplish the goals developed at project conceptualisation. This includes scheduling, budgeting and the allocation of specific tasks and resources
  • Project monitoring, risk management, communication and feedback to ensure that the project is implemented according to plan and where deviations exist, alternate plans and solutions are provided and our clients and stake¬holders are promptly informed
Change Management

Change management is the transitioning of individuals, teams and organisations to a desired future state. Organisational change directly affects all departments from entry level employees to senior management.
We assist with:

  • Benefits management and realisation to define measurable stakeholder aims and create a business case for achievement and continuous improvement
  • Stakeholder communication and consultation to inform various stakeholders of the reasons for change; the plan, their role in the plan and what impact the project may have on them, and the benefits of successful implementa¬tion; and to gather information and insights from them regarding the project
  • Alignment of employee interests to the strategic direction of the organisation and project goals to counter employee resistance and alleviate an change-related fears

Implementation is the realisation of an application, or execution of a plan, idea or model design. We assist with project implementation to ensure project objectives are met. Services may include:

  • Developing and project managing action plans
  • Setting up implementation support team structure and governance and/or continuous improvement initiatives
  • Providing relevant staff training, including continuous improvement training
  • Writing position descriptions and developing measurement systems to reflect progress
  • Providing formal reporting processes and communication channels
  • Managing budget, materials and resources procurement
  • Stakeholder consultation, customer surveys and data analysis


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