Hort Frontiers Consultation

Scope of the Consultation


The Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative (Hort Frontiers), formerly Pool 2, was established by Hort Innovation in 2015 under its new structure as a grower-owned company. Retaining its legacy from the Transformational R&D Fund, the Hort Frontiers initiative was developed to support research that will address major challenges facing the horticulture industry, which are typically out of scope of levy and matching Commonwealth funds. The investments within the initiative are aimed at projects that are cross-industry, higher risk, longer-term and are likely to attract additional public and private funding as co-investment.

Coinciding with the three-year anniversary of the initiative’s establishment, Hort Innovation has commissioned CIS to undertake an independent consultation as part of their continuous improvement process. The primary focus of the consultation is to seek feedback from stakeholders on the identified research investment themes for each of the seven Hort Frontier funds. Feedback from the consultation will support the developmetn of a more comprehensive strategic investment plan for funds. This review is distinct form the recent statutory three (3) year review into Hort Innovation conducted by GHD, in that it focusses solely on the identified research investment themes for the Hort Frontier funds.

The consultation will focus on three key areas:

Strategic Direction – Alignment of the overall objective and strategic direction of each fund with industry needs.

Investment Themes – Alignment of the themes with the overall objective of each fund and current research gaps.

General – Feedback from stakeholder to support the continuous improvement of the initiative.


Industry Submissions


Industry will be able to submit their written responses to the following email address:


A copy of the consultation paper and response form (Mircrosoft Word template) to ensure written responses are received in a format that supports greater ease of consolidation are available in the links below:

Hort Frontiers Consultation Paper

Hort Frontiers Response Form

The response from comprises of 6-7 short questions aligned to the key areas of focus for the consultation. Questions are related to the individual Hort Frontier funds. Feedback for only one Hort Frontier fund is allowed per response form. Separate response forms will need to be used if stakeholders would like to provide feedback on one or more funds.


Submissions for consultation will close at 5pm Friday 3 August 2018.