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Helping clinical genomics become part of everyday healthcare

Background: A State Government announced a commitment of $25 million over five years to translational research aimed at integrating genomics into everyday healthcare. The key vehicle for the research would be an Alliance driving collaboration between the State’s health system and research and academic communities. CIS was engaged by the lead (Go8) university to facilitate the development of the Alliance’s Strategic Business Plan, 5 Year Budget and the detailed Evaluation Criteria associated with the first round of program funding.

Approach: The diverse nature of interested parties and key stakeholders warranted a highly consultative and pragmatic approach to consultation across a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, hospital management and Health Department officials – conducted through a series of workshops, the preparation of discussion and briefing papers and the development of associated feedback mechanisms.

Results: The Strategic Business Plan, and associated Budget, was delivered by CIS on schedule and was subsequently approved by the Government without amendment, providing a clear direction, structure, scope and budget, enabling an open and transparent call for first round project funding applications to proceed. As a patient-centred and clinically-led entity, the Alliance is evaluating the ways that genomics can improve health outcomes for the State and building the case for accelerated implementation.

Key Words: strategic and business planning   change management and implementation