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CRC CARE exceeds expectations to contribute $2.7 billion of direct economic impact to Australia

Background: The Cooperative Research Centre for the Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) is a partnership of organisations dedicated to developing new ways of dealing with and preventing contamination of soil, water and air. In 2015, CRC CARE required an updated impact assessment, along with other deliverables, for their 4th year review by the Australian Government. CIS was engaged to develop the updated impact assessment, having previously been used to develop the original impact assessment as part of CRC CARE’s successful 2010 CRC grant application.

Approach: The impact assessment was updated based on extensive consultation with end-users and on conservative estimates. Consultation with nineteen end users from mining, defence and petroleum; including government, regulators, SME technology organisations and numerous researchers, ensured comprehensive coverage of over thirty projects. End-users had an active role in the development, testing, refinement and quantification of impacts and the basis for their quantification. Assumptions were often drawn from demonstrated impacts evident at end-user pilot projects. The assessments were captured in an updated impact tool and supporting documentation, in accordance with CRC CARE’s and the Government’s requirements.

Results: CIS delivered an updated quantitative and qualitative impact assessment that included actual impacts and future predicted impacts. This, along with other material, was delivered and presented to the Review Panel who reported that CRC CARE has “a well established end-user focus in the conduct and design of its research”, adding, “CRC CARE is highly regarded as a source of expertise by end-users including government and practitioners. The CRC is uniquely positioned in terms of both trust and expertise to bring industry, regulators and consultants together. The Panel is satisfied that the CRC is performing to a high standard”.

Further information on CRC CARE impact assessment visit: http://www.crccare.com/files/dmfile/CRCCARE_AnnualReport_2014-15.pdf and http://www.crccare.com/publications/crc-care-s-impact-tool

Key Words: grant applications and capital sourcing